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Article from the 10th Amendment Center

State sovereignty, long thought to be a relic from the past, is the new frontier of freedom. We weren’t taught that juries could nullify bad laws or that we don’t have to obey illegal laws. Rarely did anyone even question whether the federal govt. acted in a legal manner when far-reaching legislation, clearly outside their scope of authority, was passed.  We owe that to both parties, since we’ve been swinging back and forth from one to another forever.

This article describes a resolution passed at a conference of state Supreme Court justices in 1958.  They saw already that this question of who has the ultimate power was a difficult one. Of course, they were educated in an environment that promoted activism, so it seemed a difficult answer if they were to appear “judicial” in the resolution. The words are clear in the 10th amendment where the power lies. In the states and in People.

Knowledge is power and, and it is my goal to provide as much knowledge as necessary to affect real change before all our rights are gone.  Enjoy.



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  1. bravo roger,–i believe you and i will be introduced to each other at the tea-party meeting at india hills hs tomorrow night. i’ll be looking forward to it!–may the ‘genius of the people’ shine on in the re-birth of our republic!–blessings brother! c. eyrich

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